When we wrote the first edition of Intuitive Eating in 1995, not many people had heard of it. Today, not only is the phrase Intuitive Eating commonly used, there are support groups popping up all over the country–from internet discussion forums to weekly meetings in person. We are delighted to share these resources to help you along your journey. If you have a free support group you’d like to share, send us your your link, and we’d be happy to post it.


  • Intuitive Eating Online Community   This is our official support group, brought to you by Elyse and Evelyn based on our book, Intuitive Eating. Get inspiration & support from the Intuitive Eating Community with nearly 4,500 members.  We are dedicated to maintaining a free membership.
  • Intuitive Eating Support Group   Over 1500 members–their motto, “Never Diet Again”.
  • Intuitive Eating For Mommies  Join together with other moms towards body acceptance and food appreciation