Intuitive Eating Worksheets

Help your clients through the Intuitive Eating process with a set of 21 worksheets, created by Evelyn Tribole, MS RD.

Based on the book, INTUITIVE EATING, to present a series of workshops on living without dieting. Help your audiences make peace with food and still honor healthful eating. Show them how to throw out the guilt but not the food, how to stop body-bashing and say good-bye to dieting forever. The sessions are best when used with small groups over a 10-week period. Includes copy of book. 10-Session Workshop Script, 12 Handouts + CDRom/PowerPoint (119 PowerPoint Slides)

Intuitive Eating Workshop for Professionals: This hands-on interactive workshop is presented by the original creators of Intuitive Eating, Tribole & Resch. Learn the Core Skills and Hidden Nuances of the Intuitive Eating Process. Although this 6-hour workshop was developed for health professionals,  consumers can benefit from the information.