Emerging Topics in Weight Management: Challenging Conventional Wisdom- Edmonton, Canada

Date: 7 February 2012


Conventional wisdom says that weight is a good indicator of health and that if someone is overweight they are unhealthy. Furthermore, the idea that people who are overweight should strive to achieve
an ideal body weight is juxtaposed with the fact that diets don’t work. Emerging research is calling for a paradigm shift away from focusing on weight loss (dieting) to promoting healthy behaviours and size acceptance. Join us for a very provocative look at weight management that will question how we currently define healthy. Alternative strategies that are conducive to personal well-being will also be explored.

Learning Objectives

  1. Define weight stigma and outline the implications it may have on health.

  2. Discover practical guidelines for promoting health at any size.

  3. Identify the latest trends for childhood weight, nutritional status, and physical activity.

  4. Discover the unintended consequences of some approaches to childhood obesity prevention.

  5. Identify the best school-based practices to promote healthy weights for all children.

  6. Discover how Emotional Brain Training (EBT) uses advances in stress and neuroscience research to rewire the brain’s association between overeating and reward.

  7. Explain how the use of EBT tools can selectively change the brain’s circuitry and thus reduce food cravings and overeating.

  8. Define the three core constructs of Intuitive Eating and explain why having permission to eat any food, with awareness, ultimately results in healthier outcomes.

  9. Describe three ways that dieting interferes with health and Intuitive Eating.

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February 7, 2012 (All day)